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How Can You Get the New PHP elePHPant 2019 for Free as PHP Innovation Award Prize

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The PHP Classes site has changed the prize we are giving away for PHP Innovation Award winners.

Instead of the PHP Classes version of the elePHPant, now we are giving away the new PHP elePHPant 2019 edition instead.

Read this article to learn what changed and how it is a better prize for the innovation award winners and nominees.

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Why the PHP elePHPant is a Prize for the PHP Innovation Award Winners?

As you may be aware, the elePHPant is a mascot for PHP created by Vincent Pointier from France. Many PHP developers recognize it as a symbol of the PHP language. Therefore these developers are looking for these elePHPants so they can buy one because they value it and want to have one in their house or at their workplace desks.

These elePHPants are hard to find but we were able to produce them with the permission of Vincent Pointier that kindly granted us a license to produce these elePHPants as plush toys so we can ship them anywhere in the world where any PHP developer is living.

PHP developers that participate in the PHP Innovation Award are entitled to pick a prize that they would like to receive. Therefore since 2016 we are giving away PHP elePHPants to any winner that picks the elePHPant as prize of his choice.

What Changed in the PHP Innovation Award 2019 elePHPant Prize?

In the past we used to give a version of the PHP elePHPant that was somewhat different from the original. It was a version designed by Ifat Amit that she developed inspired in the original elePHPant of Vincent Pointier but it was somewhat different.

Now that we are producing the original PHP elePHPants with the same design created by Vincent Pointier, it is better to give away this version instead of the variant developed by Ifat.

Therefore from now on, we will be giving this version of the elePHPant. It is also better for us because we have them in stock ready to ship them faster to any winner that picks this version.

Since we already have started selling this elePHPant version to any developer that wants to get one without having to win the innovation award, it is easier for us to produce more as we are in close contact to the factory that can produce a new batch in about 1 month.

So, if you want to get your elePHPant 2019 edition, you can either buy one elePHPant here from the PHP Classes site, or participate in the PHP Innovation Award and win one elePHPant as prize.

Below you can see that we have many elePHPants waiting to be delivered. One can be for you.

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