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Description: changelog
Class: twz PHP To Do List Project
Manage to do tasks of project on a Web page
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Date: 4 years ago
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twzToDoList changelog -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- __________________________ v1.2.0 released 2019-10-04 __________________________ * NEW: listTooltip option - use project description as tooltip in project list * NEW: usePresetDue option (and preset.DefaultDue database field) * NEW: urgentDays option for optional 'Urgent' status * NEW: public method setTaskButton() * NEW: Added project.DoneDate database field. This can be set for projects with no tasks. In the previous version it was assumed that all projects should have at least one task, and a project with no tasks always had status "New" (unless it was archived). * NEW: Favicon changes colour when due|overdue tasks are shown * FIX: When editing a project, the listed tasks are now styled to indicate their correct status (new, due, late, etc). * CHANGE: The form for editing a Project or a Preset now have both 'Apply' and 'Update' buttons. Apply saves any changes, but keeps the form open. Update saves any changes then closes the form (if no errors). In the previous version, the 'Update' button actually behaved like 'Apply'. * DELETE: Removed the automatic check for updates. The updateCheck, updateDays and updateSendHost options are no longer valid. * Some internal refactoring and tidying up __________________________ v1.1.1 released 2019-06-17 __________________________ * NEW: 'uniqueName' option (default true) to avoid duplicate project names. In the previous version, a unique name was required when adding a new project, but NOT when renaming one! * FIX: small tweak to the update check, which wasn't correctly setting the cookie. A warning is now displayed if the cookie can't be created. Added a unique number to the update call to stop browsers using a cached version. * FIX: When a new task is added to a Completed project, the project status is now updated. In the previous version, if you added a new task to a Completed project (with no other change), it would remain as Completed. * In the download package, renamed index.php to index-example.php, so that people upgrading won't accidentally overwrite their settings. * Some internal refactoring and tidying up __________________________ v1.1.0 released 2019-06-11 __________________________ * This was the first public release