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File: composer.json
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Aksara
A CodeIgniter based API and CRUD generator
Author: By
Last change: Initial commit for update 4.2.8

This commit changes the following updates:
1. Replace the default session path to file;
2. Add the query builder compatibility for each database driver;
3. Refine the statement of session cleaner module;
4. Rewrite the migration file to use the database forge when creating the foreign key constraint;
5. Remove the default auto increment value for database seeder;
6. Change the default installation to use dummy data;
Initial commit for update 4.2.8

This commit focuses on functioning the market addons. Current progress was finished for:
1. Theme and module import;
2. Theme and module uninstall;
3. Theme preview (pre-install);
4. Theme changer;
5. Theme customizer;

Updating the theme and url helper that previously not working with imported theme and modules. Add the function to call the asset under theme and module. The route module (core) was added for getting the theme and module assets.

Changes on Assets controller to working with theme preview (related to base_url and asset_url configuration value).

Add the extension (intl) check (pre-install) and phpspreadsheet dependencies to scale up the app to produce the excel import and export.

Correct the installation migration that previously fail to execute (caused by invalid json format while insert the data on group privileges table "by typo"). Change the structure of app__users table and change the country field to country_id (also rewrite users and account module).

Adds the capability to using custom title and icon for each request method (create, read, update, delete etc.) that previously applied to set_desrcription() with array pair: [$method => $title] | [$method => $icon]. Correcting the missing variable called from CRUD search feature.

This commit already tested both MySQLi, PostgreSQL and SQLite3. You may help me to test to install it under SQL Server database to check if it's has no error.
Minor update

1. Replace the phrase of reset password button;
2. Add the jsonmachine to dependency.
Date: 6 hours ago
Size: 1,164 bytes


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	"name": "abydahana/aksara",
	"type": "project",
	"description": "Aksara is a CodeIgniter based CRUD Toolkit that you can use to build complex applications become shorter, secure and more reliable in just a few lines of code. Serving both CMS or Framework, produce both HEADLESS (RESTful API) or TRADITIONAL (Browser Based) output just by writing in single controller. Yet it's reusable, scalable and ready to use!",
	"homepage": "",
	"license": "MIT",
	"authors": [
			"name": "Aby Dahana",
			"email": "",
			"homepage": "",
			"role": "Developer"
	"keywords": ["aksara", "aksaracms", "aksara cms", "restful", "api", "codeigniter", "framework", "crud", "crud generator"],
    "require": {
        "php": "^7.3 || ^8.0",
        "ext-intl": "*",
        "ext-json": "*",
        "ext-mbstring": "*",
		"codeigniter4/framework": "^4.1",
		"mpdf/mpdf": "^8.0",
		"facebook/graph-sdk": "^5.7",
		"google/apiclient": "^2.8",
		"chillerlan/php-qrcode": "^3.3",
		"picqer/php-barcode-generator": "^2.1",
		"halaxa/json-machine": "^0.7.0",
		"phpoffice/phpspreadsheet": "^1.19"
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