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File: test/js/test2.js

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File: test/js/test2.js
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Dromeo PHP Router Library
Route HTTP requests to functions with URL patterns
Author: By
Last change: v.1.2.0, contd

* namedroutes are passed on to top router
* .off() is handled recursively in subrouters
* various edits and changes
Date: 5 months ago
Size: 1,802 bytes


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"use strict"; var path = require('path'), Dromeo = require(path.join(__dirname, '../../src/js/Dromeo.js')), echo = console.log, stringify = JSON.stringify ; function defaultHandler() { } var router = new Dromeo(''); router.on([ { route:'/{:user}/{:id}', name: 'route1', handler: defaultHandler }, { route:'/{:user}{/%INT%:?id(1)}', name: 'route2', handler: defaultHandler }, { route:'/{:user}{/%INT%:?id(1)}{/%ALPHA%:?action(1)}', name: 'route4', handler: defaultHandler }, { route:'/bar/456', name: 'route3', handler: defaultHandler } ]) .onGroup('/foo', function(router) { router.onGroup('/bar', function(router) { router.on({ 'route':'/{:user}', 'name': 'route5', 'handler': defaultHandler }); }) .on({ 'route':'/{:user}', 'name': 'route6', 'handler': defaultHandler }); }); function make(route, params, strict) { var out; try { out = router.make(route, params, strict); } catch( err ) { out = err.message; } return out; } echo('Dromeo.VERSION = ' + Dromeo.VERSION); echo(); echo(make('route1', {user:'foo',id:'123'})); echo(make('route1', {user:'foo',id:'123'}, true)); echo(make('route1', {user:'foo'})); echo(make('route2', {user:'foo'})); echo(make('route2', {user:'foo',id:'123'})); echo(make('route2', {user:'foo',id:'123'}, true)); echo(make('route3', {user:'foo',id:'123'})); echo(make('route4', {user:'foo'})); echo(make('route4', {user:'foo',id:'123',action:'test'})); echo(make('route4', {user:'foo',action:'test'}, true)); echo(make('route5', {user:'user'})); echo(make('route6', {user:'user'}));