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File: example.php
Role: Example script
Content type: text/plain
Description: Example script
Class: Benchmark Tools
Show a report of PHP configuration information
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<?php /** * BenchmarkTools * * Copyright (c) 2015, Dmitry Mamontov <>. * All rights reserved. * * Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without * modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions * are met: * * * Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright * notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer. * * * Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright * notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in * the documentation and/or other materials provided with the * distribution. * * * Neither the name of Dmitry Mamontov nor the names of his * contributors may be used to endorse or promote products derived * from this software without specific prior written permission. * * THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED BY THE COPYRIGHT HOLDERS AND CONTRIBUTORS * "AS IS" AND ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT * LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS * FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE DISCLAIMED. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE * COPYRIGHT OWNER OR CONTRIBUTORS BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, * INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING, * BUT NOT LIMITED TO, PROCUREMENT OF SUBSTITUTE GOODS OR SERVICES; * LOSS OF USE, DATA, OR PROFITS; OR BUSINESS INTERRUPTION) HOWEVER * CAUSED AND ON ANY THEORY OF LIABILITY, WHETHER IN CONTRACT, STRICT * LIABILITY, OR TORT (INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE OR OTHERWISE) ARISING IN * ANY WAY OUT OF THE USE OF THIS SOFTWARE, EVEN IF ADVISED OF THE * POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGE. * * @package benchmark-tools * @author Dmitry Mamontov <> * @copyright 2015 Dmitry Mamontov <> * @license The BSD 3-Clause License * @since File available since Release 1.0.3 */ require_once 'vendor/autoload.php'; use DmitryMamontov\BenchmarkTools; use DmitryMamontov\Server\Server; use DmitryMamontov\Server\HighLoad; use DmitryMamontov\Server\Http; use DmitryMamontov\Server\FileSystem; use DmitryMamontov\Server\Platform; use DmitryMamontov\Server\DB; use DmitryMamontov\Server\Provider; use DmitryMamontov\Server\OS; use DmitryMamontov\Server\JavaScript; $b = new BenchmarkTools('Testing'); $b->addHeader('Operating system.'); $b->add('Name', OS::Name(), null, null, 'The name of the operating system.'); $b->add('Version', OS::Version(), null, null, 'Version of the operating system.'); $b->add('Architecture', OS::Architecture(), null, null, 'Gets the operating system architecture.'); $b->add('UpTime', OS::UpTime(), null, null, 'Gets the time of the operating system.'); $b->add('Time Diff', OS::TimeDiff(), null, null, 'Checking the time difference.'); $b->add('Install Date', OS::InstallDate(), null, null, 'Date of installation of the operating system.'); $b->add('Kernel Version', OS::KernelVersion(), null, null, 'The kernel version of the operating system.'); $b->add('CPU Name', OS::CPUName(), null, null, 'It gets the name of the CPU.'); $b->add('CPU Clock', OS::CPUClock(), null, null, 'Receives the clock frequency of the CPU.'); $b->add('RAM', OS::RAM(), null, null, 'The amount of RAM.'); $platform = new Platform; $b->addHeader('Information about the platform.'); $b->add('Name', $platform->Name(), 'Bitrix', '=', 'Found the platform.'); $b->add('Version', $platform->Version()); $platformdb = $platform->DB(); $b->add('Platform DataBase', $platformdb); $provider = new Provider(); $b->addHeader('Provider.'); $b->add('Country', $provider->Country(), null, null, 'Gets the name of the country.'); $b->add('Region', $provider->Region(), null, null, 'Gets the name of the region.'); $b->add('City', $provider->City(), null, null, 'Gets the name of the city.'); $b->add('Zip Code', $provider->ZipCode(), null, null, 'Gets zip code.'); $b->add('Latitude', $provider->Latitude(), null, null, 'Gets latitude.'); $b->add('Longitude', $provider->Longitude(), null, null, 'Gets longitude.'); $b->add('Time Zone', $provider->TimeZone(), null, null, 'Gets Time Zone.'); $b->add('Name', $provider->Name(), null, null, 'Gets the name of the provider.'); $b->add('Range IP', $provider->RangeIP(), null, null, 'Gets the range of ip.'); $b->add('Site', $provider->Site(), null, null, 'Gets the provider website.'); $b->add('Autonomous System Number', $provider->AutonomousSystemNumber(), null, null, 'Gets the autonomous system number provider.'); $b->add('Network', $provider->Network(), null, null, 'Gets the network provider.'); $b->add('Network Mask', $provider->NetworkMask(), null, null, 'Gets mask network provider.'); $b->add('Map', $provider->Map(), null, null, 'Will receive a link to Google Maps.'); $b->addHeader('JavaScript.'); $b->add('Jquery', JavaScript::Jquery(), null, null, 'Finds Jquery.'); $b->add('Jquery Form', JavaScript::JqueryForm(), null, null, 'Finds Jquery plugin Form.'); $b->add('Jquery Cycle2', JavaScript::JqueryCycle2(), null, null, 'Finds Jquery plugin Cycle2.'); $b->add('Jquery Scrollspy', JavaScript::JqueryScrollspy(), null, null, 'Finds Jquery plugin Scrollspy.'); $b->add('Bootstrap', JavaScript::Bootstrap(), null, null, 'Finds Bootstrap.'); $b->add('Less', JavaScript::Less(), null, null, 'Finds Less.'); $b->add('Angularjs', JavaScript::Angularjs(), null, null, 'Finds Angularjs.'); $b->add('Backbone', JavaScript::Backbone(), null, null, 'Finds Backbone.'); $b->add('Knockout', JavaScript::Knockout(), null, null, 'Finds Knockout.'); $b->add('React', JavaScript::React(), null, null, 'Finds React.'); $b->add('Requirejs', JavaScript::Requirejs(), null, null, 'Finds Requirejs.'); $b->add('Ember', JavaScript::Ember(), null, null, 'Finds Ember.'); $b->addHeader('Main.'); $b->add('PHP Interface', Server::PHPInterface(), null, null, 'Finds interface php.'); $b->add('PHP Version', Server::PHPVersion(), null, null, 'Finds version of php.'); $b->add('PHP Accelerator', Server::PHPAccelerator(), null, null, 'Finds accelerator php.'); $b->add('Safe Mode', Server::SafeMode(), null, null, 'Checking Safe Mode.'); $b->add('Short Open Tag', Server::ShortOpenTag(), null, null, 'Checking Short Open Tag.'); $b->add('Shared Memory', Server::SharedMemory(), null, null, 'Checking Shared Memory.'); $b->add('Posix', Server::Posix(), null, null, 'Checking posix.'); $b->add('Pcntl', Server::Pcntl(), null, null, 'Checking pcntl.'); $b->add('Email Sending', Server::EmailSending(), null, null, 'Checking Messages.'); $b->add('Mcrypt', Server::Mcrypt(), null, null, 'Checking mcrypt.'); $b->add('Sockets', Server::Sockets(), null, null, 'Checking sockets.'); $b->add('PHP Regex', Server::PHPRegex(), null, null, 'Checking php regex.'); $b->add('Perl Regex', Server::PerlRegex(), null, null, 'Checking perl regex.'); $b->add('Zlib', Server::Zlib(), null, null, 'Checking zlib.'); $b->add('GDlib', Server::GDlib(), null, null, 'Checking gdlib.'); $b->add('Free Type', Server::FreeType(), null, null, 'Checking free type.'); $b->add('Mbstring', Server::Mbstring(), null, null, 'Checking mbstring.'); $b->add('PDO', Server::PDO(), null, null, 'Checking PDO'); $b->add('SimpleXML', Server::SimpleXML(), null, null, 'Checking SimpleXML'); $b->add('DOMDocument', Server::DOMDocument(), null, null, 'Checking DOMDocument'); $b->add('Curl', Server::Curl(), null, null, 'Checking Curl'); $b->add('Memory Limit', Server::MemoryLimit(), null, null, 'Checking Memory Limit'); $b->add('Max Execution Time', Server::MaxExecutionTime(), null, null, 'Checking Max Execution Time'); $b->add('Umask', Server::Umask(), null, null, 'Finds and returns the umask.'); $b->add('Post Max Size', Server::PostMaxSize(), null, null, 'Finds and returns the post max size.'); $b->add('Register Globals', Server::RegisterGlobals(), null, null, 'Checking Register Globals.'); $b->add('Display Errors', Server::DisplayErrors(), null, null, 'Checking Display Errors.'); $b->add('PHP File Uploads', Server::PHPFileUploads(), null, null, 'Checking PHPFileUploads.'); $b->add('Server Time', Server::ServerTime(), null, null, 'Returns the current server time.'); $b->addHeader('High Load.'); $b->add('Actual Memory Limit', HighLoad::ActualMemoryLimit(), 128, '>', 'Checks the actual memory limit.'); $b->add('Number Cpu Operations', HighLoad::NumberCpuOperations(), null, null, 'Number of operations of the CPU.'); $b->add('Number File Operations', HighLoad::NumberFileOperations(), null, null, 'Number of file operations.'); $b->add('Actual Execution Time', HighLoad::ActualExecutionTime(50), null, null, 'Checks real-time execution of the script.'); $b->add('Sending Big Emails', HighLoad::SendingBigEmails(), null, null, 'Checking the sending big emails.'); $b->add('Uploads Big File', HighLoad::UploadsBigFile(1000), null, null, 'Checking upload big files to the server.'); $b->addHeader('Http server.'); $b->add('Server', Http::Server(), null, null, 'Finds the current http server.'); $b->add('Protocol', Http::Protocol(), null, null, 'Gets the protocol HTTP.'); $b->add('Real IP', Http::RealIP(), null, null, 'Gets real ip address of the server.'); $b->add('Authorization', Http::Authorization(), null, null, 'Checks authorization via http.'); $b->add('Sessions', Http::Sessions(), null, null, 'Checks work sessions via http.'); $b->add('SSL', Http::SSL(''), null, null, 'Checks operation ssl via http.'); $b->add('SSL Lib Version', Http::SSLLibVersion(), null, null, 'Checks ssl Version.'); $b->add('Local Redirect', Http::LocalRedirect(), null, null, 'Checks work local redirect via http.'); $b->addHeader('File system.'); $b->add('Disk Space', FileSystem::DiskSpace(), '255', '<', 'Checking disk space.'); $b->add('Permissions Folder', FileSystem::PermissionsFolder(), '0777', '>', 'Checking access rights to the folder.'); $b->add('Folder Creation', FileSystem::FolderCreation(), true, '=', 'Checking folder creation.'); $b->add('Folder Deletion', FileSystem::FolderDeletion(), true, '=', 'Checking delete the folder.'); $b->add('Permissions Folder Creation', FileSystem::PermissionsFolderCreation(), null, null, 'Checking access rights to the new folder.'); $b->add('File Creation', FileSystem::FileCreation(), null, null, 'Checking file creation.'); $b->add('File Deletion', FileSystem::FileDeletion(), true, '=', 'Checking delete the file.'); $b->add('Permissions File Creation', FileSystem::PermissionsFileCreation(), null, null, 'Checking access rights to the new file.'); $b->add('File Execution', FileSystem::FileExecution(), true, '=', 'Checking the execution file.'); $b->add('Processing Htaccess', FileSystem::ProcessingHtaccess(), true, '=', 'Checking processing htaccess.'); $b->add('Time To Create 1000 File', FileSystem::TimeToCreateFile(1000), 1, '<', 'Checking the time required to create the file.'); $b->add('File Uploads', FileSystem::FileUploads(), null, null, 'Checking upload files to the server.'); if ( isset($platformdb['driver']) && isset($platformdb['host']) && isset($platformdb['user']) && isset($platformdb['password']) && isset($platformdb['dbname']) ) { $db = new DB($platformdb['user'], $platformdb['password'], $platformdb['dbname'], $platformdb['host'], $platformdb['driver']); $b->addHeader('Data Base.'); $b->add('Version', $db->Version()); $b->add('UpTime', $db->UpTime(), null, null, 'Working time database startup.'); $b->add('Global Buffers', $db->GlobalBuffers(), null, null, 'Size of global buffers.'); $b->add('Connection Buffers', $db->ConnectionBuffers(), null, null, 'Single connection buffer size.'); $b->add('Sql Mode', $db->SqlMode()); $b->add('Max Connections', $db->MaxConnections(), null, null, 'Max. connections.'); $b->add('Max Memory Usage', $db->MaxMemoryUsage(), null, null, 'Maximum memory usage.'); $b->add('Request Cache Size', $db->RequestCacheSize(), null, null, 'Request cache size.'); $b->add('Request Cache Effectiveness', $db->RequestCacheEffectiveness(), null, null, 'Request cache effectiveness.'); $b->add('Request Cache Prunes', $db->RequestCachePrunes(), null, null, 'Number of pruned requests.'); $b->add('Sorts', $db->Sorts(), null, null, 'Total sorts.'); $b->add('Sorts Temporary Tables', $db->SortsTemporaryTables(), null, null, 'Rate of sort operations requiring creating temporary tables on the disk.'); $b->add('Not Requiring Indexes', $db->NotRequiringIndexes(), null, null, 'Number of table join operations not requiring indexes.'); $b->add('Temporary Tables', $db->TemporaryTables(), null, null, 'Rate of temporary tables requiring temporary disk space.'); $b->add('Thread Cache Efficiency', $db->ThreadCacheEfficiency(), null, null, 'Thread cache efficiency.'); $b->add('Open Table Cache Efficiency', $db->OpenTableCacheEfficiency(), null, null, 'Open table cache efficiency.'); $b->add('Open Files', $db->OpenFiles(), null, null, 'Rate of open files.'); $b->add('Locks', $db->Locks(), null, null, 'Rate of successfully obtained unenqueued locks.'); $b->add('Connection Aborts', $db->ConnectionAborts(), null, null, 'Rate of incorrectly closed connections.'); $b->add('Time Diff', $db->TimeDiff(), null, null, 'Checking the time difference.'); $b->add('Innodb support', $db->Innodb(), null, null, 'Check support InnoDB.'); $b->add('Innodb Buffer Effectiveness', $db->InnodbBufferEffectiveness(), null, null, 'InnoDB buffer effectiveness.'); $b->add('MyIsam support', $db->MyIsam(), null, null, 'Check support MyIsam.'); $b->add('MyIsam Indexes', $db->MyIsamIndexes(), null, null, 'Size of MyIsam indexes.'); $b->add('MyIsam Indexes Cache Failures', $db->MyIsamIndexesCacheFailures(), null, null, 'MyISAM index cache (failures).'); $b->add('Speed Insert', $db->SpeedInsert(), null, null, 'Speed test insert 1000 records.'); $b->add('Speed Select', $db->SpeedSelect(), null, null, 'Speed test select 1000 records.'); $b->add('Characters', $db->Characters()); $b->add('Count Row Tables', $db->CountRow(true)); } $b->draw(); ?>