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the special properties in every languages

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Subject:the special properties in every...
Summary:Semiotic low of Nature
Author:Alexander Eist
Date:2023-05-08 13:49:32
Update:2023-05-08 19:16:37

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Picture of Alexander Eist Alexander Eist - 2023-05-08 19:16:37
You will be wonderful, but Semiotic laws told: when Subject A send message in Language C to Subject B, (if Information is content of message) then Subject A sent only structure of information in shared for both subjects Language C.
Subject A did not sent the real content of his real experience: only structure of it.
The recipient Subject B must to decode that message as a structure of language's words by using his own experience of using the Language C. Therefore only experienced users of Language C can decode (understand) the message form Subject A.
Recipient creates the content of received structure from his own experience. This doing looks like creating of a new information using the got structure of Information.
In truth saying we need more accuracy define the words in Informatics.
It gives us a freedom to select what mean the used words of shared languages as we need in current our context.
Therefore I recommend to use this law of Nature Semiotics. This gives us the freedom to use existing words in other than usually used mean and create absolutely new words to highlight new objects too.
The developers also often uses this Law of Nature of Semiotic when they creates a new variable, class, method, function, and so on.