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URL Encryption Problem

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Subject:URL Encryption Problem
Summary:The Encryption output related
Author:Said Bakr
Date:2005-03-14 01:19:08


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Picture of Said Bakr Said Bakr - 2005-03-14 01:19:09
I used this usefull class to Encode a URL parameter's value. indead it was a field name of a database. The URL is accessed through a hyperlink found over a DHTML menu.
<a href="list.php?Fname=g_name">
I used it to make the href something like that:
<a href="list.php?Fname=äg5*'\?Rg^">
So its ouput contains any ASCII letters, regardless English alphabet (Latin).
This may make a problem with DHTML menu (The presence of special characters)
And also the browser may tell that a message of bad request from the web server.
So we need a modification to this class's object to have a method suitable with URL Encoding.
Sometimes it seems to give out missy output, I know that from the error message from MySQL server about the SQL statment which displays some encrypted data.

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